Indoor plants have a unique beauty and that’s why everyone likes it. Some treat them like their pet & some like their own baby. What do we mean by indoor plants? They also called as house plants and they can live inside our house.

Most common house plants came from tropics or subtropical region. They grownup under the canopies of all trees which is the main reason why they can survive in shades or inside our home

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  • They help to purify air by removing volatile compounds including carbon dioxide and other toxic gases
  • Indoor plants beautify a environment and immediately add to the decor of the house. They add an extra calm to our décor. Aloe Vera, Jasmine, Spider plant, etc are the best plants for indoor.
  • Indoor plants increase the oxygen as well as humidity levels of our house.
  • Indoor plants have a good ability to relieve stress, it is also helpful when when we place plants in offices, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Even by looking at them, our stress level decreases and mind calms down automatically. This is called as Nature Therapy.
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  • They need work and frequent watering.
  • They needs around 50 percent humidity to be at their best. Its a main drawback especially during winters when constant heating dries out the air in our houses.
  • Taking care of them when we go out for a two week vacation becomes difficult.
  • There are several chances to get attack by fungus so they need more care than outdoor plants.
  • They can be messy sometimes due to the sand or mud from the pot or water leakages overflowing into our house. It is therefore important, where will we place the plant.
  • Plants aren’t always good for kids and pets.
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The indoor environment can damage plants especially in winter season. We must take care of them from spoiling. Please keep these pointers in mind whenever you start placing plants indoors.

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