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A Little Bit of childhood days…

Growing up in kolkata I was sent to a drawing school as soon as I could hold a pencil. And then Bharatnatyam came in when I was in class 7. I still remember days when my cousin Tanvi and I would take a cycle rickshaw to the art school and come back walking on few days so that we could save money and have icecream instead  

I don’t know how art became a part of my life especially after studying Physics Chemistry Maths and Biology. But somehow it did! Travelling back home in the metro once from school I stumbled upon a distant cousin who mentioned a design college called NIFT. And then becoming a doctor was no longer lucrative.


Hello Everyone! For ppl who already know me I love u all and for the ones who don’t I m glad u are reading this. I am Prashansa Saha, a fashion designer by profession. I studied fashion but have always been inclined to a lot more than just fashion. I started the Fashion label called Aharin in 2011 after working for Sandy Starkman and Kavita Bhartia for a few years. I now consider myself to be a life designer and am trying to design my own life better by doing small things every day. I also strive to inspire others to reach their maximum potential and become the best versions of themselves. 

What is a pile of stuff? 

There are various things that inspire me and are a part of my day to day activities. Always wanted to start writing about them and finally started. 

It’s about everything that I resonate with. It’s the books I read, the food I eat, a little bit of Ayurveda, my favourite home décor, my paintings, my travels memories and this list can go on forever. It’s also about the things I do for my mental and physical health. Few of these I practice and few I am trying to slowly include in my life. 

This blog is simply about everything I love, things, practices, beliefs and the wonderful people I meet in life who inspire me ❤

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Why the name? 

It’s a representation of a glorious mess! 

Growing up I was always taught to keep things arranged, always told to keep things clean, pick up something from one place and put it back exactly at the same place. 
I know it is that what most people consider to be a healthy habit, to keep the world around you clean, arranged, always everything in place. 
Your hair should be tied up, shoes should be in line, clothes should be all folded kept arranged, books all in one place, pencils all of equal size together.  
Yes! I was also trained to do all this but it also got so much stress in my life ?. Do not assume I do not like to arrange things, in fact I love to arrange things. 
I even arrange my books that I have read books that I have not on different racks, I arrange my jewelry together and even put same color of crockery together. 

The only difference I do it in my own sweet time and mood, I do not have the urge to do things then and there. I also keep collecting  beautiful things from different places.  It could be when I’m travelling, it could be something I see randomly, it could be a gift too. There are also beautiful people and  beautiful memories with them. It could be just pictures. 

More than often I jumble up things together and put them in creative mixes. I also appreciate monotones but I am a big fan of colours. The colours may vary from dull pastel to earthy tones, and also from black and whites to bright neons. Nothing fixed and taking each day as it comes. My preferences might change according to my mood. I just knew I wanted to put all of it in one place all piled up together in a pretty creative and beautiful way! 

Hence the name ?



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