The new Indian wedding Lehenga

The new Indian wedding Lehenga

Indian wedding Lehenga is a lovely and stunning outfit. It is accessible in a lot of assortment which is three-piece attire and a long skirt especially worn by women in north India. Visually this is worn on ceremonial occasions festival and wedding. It gives a traditional look and lacha are the categories of this attire. Commonly lehenga is one of the popular attire for a north Indian wedding.


Lehenga becomes popular among India after the Mughal period. Women mainly have worn three-piece garments during the Mughal period which represents their Persian heritage as pajama, patka, peshwaj in the 10th century.
Red is considered to be the prominent color among the Hindu wedding, but regarding the current trend gold, pink, ivory, and other multi-color thread are leading once.


The color gold is born with yellow and brown. It makes a royal impact upon us .golden lehenga
is the most preferred one for wedding occasions. It looks very shiny and catchy.

The golden lehengas also looks stunning with a contrast dupatta. Some of the contrast color which could be used for dupatta are pink, dark purple, blue, red, etc.

The lehenga with contrast dupattas add a lot of depth and richness.


Ivory is a very slight tint of yellow color produced by animal teeth and tusks. Ivory all over
embroidery is one of the interesting combinations. Usually, Ivory wedding lehengas are embroidered,
printed, or embellished. It can give a vibrant touch to the wedding look. Embroidery produced a
traditional with contemporary looks among the wedding attire.


There are many colors that look good for bridal lehengas. Mainly multi-colored and three color combinations are attractive and look vibrant.

mustard lehanga
peach lehenga
lavender lehengas
turq and peach


Printed and floral lehenga is the most known trends nowadays. Direct print, discharge print, digital print, resist print are the existing printing techniques used to create the pattern on the fabric.

Digital printing is the dominant one used for wedding lehengas. Geometric motif, realistic motif, stylized motif, and abstract motif are prints which consisting. Mostly floral prints are used for the wedding lehengas. Damask, Jacobean, ditsy print can also be included to make an attractive wedding look on the lehenga. Damask prints are the classic with floral motifs and add a royal touch.


Jacobean prints are pretty cool embroidery patterns with a stylized depiction of flower motifs.
Disty prints are small prints that scattered all over the fabric and lighthearted.


The cotton lehenga was initially made during the period of Mughals. According to the trend, the fabric varied from cotton to royal fabrics. Velvet, crepe, silk, satin, georgette, were mainly used fabrics for wedding lehengas. They were also embellishment and hand stitch in detail. This took a long time to complete the whole process and to create a stunning lehenga.

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