Hyderabad is a well-known city of pearl. Chandanpet village is the dominant pearl trade center in Hyderabad pearls industry put up with the time of Qutub sahib king.


A natural pearl born from the shell of the oyster it’s a type of mollusk and the protective layer that covers the mollusk organs. Cultured pearl also made in this same way. The majority mollusk not produced attractive pearl some time not even
very durable and no value at all usually.

Under favorable circumstances, almost any shelled muscle can produce some kind of pearl value less pearl get from the edible mollusk, edible oyster, escargot, and so on.

We can determine the value of pearl by a combination of the luster, color, size, lack of surface flow for the type of peril under the consideration.

Here luster is the most important one which differentiates the quality according to jewelers. However, it is
the layered pearl is a here valuable one.

Rice pearl is one of the most prominent pearls which are very tiny and it has a
metallic sheen. Akoya is the familiar one; it’s a cultured pearl by china and japan. Mainly it’s
appeared white and cream color.

The quality of the pearl evaluated by the color. Black pearl and pink pearls are considered to be good quality.

White color pearl reflecting sky-blue color by the action of ultraviolet light. While the poor quality pearl reflected green shades. And once the interesting thing is the irregularly shaped pearl reflecting rainbow color sheen. Pink and black pearls are
very unique and have high demand in the market.

A perfect round pearl is highly valuable and also penitence drop-shaped peril is often used. According to the interior of the shell that produced wild or cultured pearl is always nacreous and iridescent. Most of them have no value except as a curiosity.
The most valuable pearl is extremely rare commonly. The wild pearl is a known natural pearl.

Currently sold pearls are from pearl oysters and freshwater muscles. Its poor quality pearl and easily distinguished from that of a natural pearl. White color pearls are the most popular in the market.

Nowadays pearls are used in jewelers and craft items but in ancient times it was also used to adorn clothing.
The pearl industries also have skincare and cosmetic marketing through the use of mother pearls. Cosmetics, medicines, injections, implants, and laser treatments use crushed pearls for a few treatments. The crushed pearl is not only
in health care but also for hair care too. Crushed pearls increase the circulation of blood and promote the glowing appearance and repair the damaged skin.

A pearl is measured by momme. The purpose of the momme is to determine the standard unit of measure. One momme corresponds to 1/1000 kan. A cultured pearl weighs less than wild pearls.

China have a major role in importing hyderabad pearls.


At first, the Hyderabad pearls are drilled. Then it’s boiled for about four days to bleach them
Rid them of their dark color. Then it’s placed in a glass bottle (the bottle containing hydrogen peroxide, water,
and ether. Then they are sunned for four or five days in a glass sun box with a mirror’s base. Then they are washed.
Finally, it’s separate by the color and size.

Here are having some online sites for the pearl jewelry.

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