How I made a flower face mask at home?

How I made a flower face mask at home?

Tried a flower face mask at home and i wonder why I never tried this before.

A friend of mine came to visit me after a very long time today. We both went for a drive as it started raining. I have a beautiful road full of plants near my house.

My road to home

On my way back, I noticed there were many neem trees. I wanted to pick up a few neem leaves to use it in a hair pack. I then also noticed that the whole area had atleast 5-6 different kinds of flowers. I thought why not try something new and interesting today. I picked up a lot of flowers from the trees. I picked up this yellow flower, pink flowers and hibiscus and tried this flower face mask.

stole this hibiscus from a tree

Once I came back home I washed them on running water. I then put them all in a mixer grinder and grind them together to make a paste. once the paste was ready I applied it on my face and neck all over. 

I was actually expecting a more fresh and clean feel, instead I got a more creamy and a smooth texture on my skin. 


Maybe the flowers that I picked up were more waxy. Overall the entire experience was fun and exciting… to literally put a flower pack on your skin. 

Will keep doing such experiments more regularly. I also realised that I could have used flowers like rose petals, more hibiscus, lotus, marigold, jasmine etc for better results on skin. You could even dry the petals in shade and grind them to make a powder. This powder can then be stored and used whenever required.

Its also important that if u pick up road side flowers they should not be poisonous. You shoud also research so that there is no allergic reaction to the skin.

Overall for me it was a fun, spontaneous and interesting activity.

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