How to make kiwi jam at home??

How to make kiwi jam at home??

I always wanted to try making jams at home and during the summer of 2020 when we were all at home I started experimenting with a different kinds of fruits. I even tried on how to make kiwi jam at home.

It was so easy and simple to make that I started enjoying the process and loving it.

I have tried variety of fruits and today I’m going to explain you how to make kiwi jam at home. It’s simple, easy to make and you can make it with your own children at home. 


6 pieces of Kiwi fruit 

One cup of white sugar 

Juice of two lemon 


Wash and Peel off the kiwi with a peeler. 

You can now cut small pieces of it and put it in a blender and make a juice out of it or just mash it with your hands. 

I personally like the hand mashed version because then u have a pulpy consistency and at times u even can feel chunks of the fruit which taste delicious. 

Now take a pan and add sugar to the pan and start heating it up. You can now add the kiwi pulp/juice and mix it with it. Also add the lemon juice on top and stir it to mix all the three mixture. I love it how adding lemon adds a tangy flavor to the jam and makes it delicious 

Keep stirring the mixture and make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. There might be a little bit of froth in the beginning which will slowly go away. 

The mixture will slowly take a translucent jelly like consistency as water evaporates. 

Keep cooking the mixture for 10-12 minutes after which it should take a gelatinous consistency. 

Use a spoon to pick up a few drops and drop it on a flat plate. Rotate the plate to make sure the jam is not runny and hence not very fluid. 

Once u have reached the consistency, pour it in a glass jar and let it cool down. 

Make sure your donot over cook the mixture else it can become hard and turns into a candy. 

You can store this in a refrigerator and consume this jam for the next 2-3 months. 

I hope you will love the recipe. Please comment how did you find the recipe and if you have any doubts and I would love to guide you.

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