How to loose weight by eating kishmish?

How to loose weight by eating kishmish?

One of the best ways to loose weight is to eat dry fruits. I have always loved dried fruits since my childhood and one of my favourites out of all is kishmish. 

I love the tangy sweet and sour taste of this awesome super food that I can eat it all the time. 

Kishmish is referred to as raisins in English and is actually dried grapes. 

Eating raisins is also one of the best ways to lose weight. There are particular ways in which raisins should be consumed so that you end up losing weight. The raisins will not only help you to lose weight but also help you in getting more energy inducing better sleep as well as increasing hemoglobin in your body. 

Lets see how to use raisins intelligently to help maintain and loose weight and get maximum benefits from this tasty and wonderful fruit. 

Increase of weight leads to a number of other diseases in our body. There are also many people who do not loose weight irrespective of working hard for it. 

Increase in weight can lead to increase in cholesterol, diabetes etc. It’s very important to register these problems at the earliest and work on it accordingly before it’s too late. It becomes more difficult later. 

Raisins is a rich source of calcium, manganese, magnesium, sulphur, fibre, and vitamin b complex compound. These minerals make raisins very nutritious and hence helps us to control our weight. Regular consumption of kishmish also fixes low hemoglobin in the body. It also acts as an laxative which helps in constipation and piles. 

How to consume Kishmish? 

If you are not diabetic or if u donot have a history of diabetes in your family, you can use this method very easily. 

You can use this for all age groups above 12 years old and can consume this even during pregnancy. This could also be consumed during menstruation as well as women going through menopause. 

The Process

During the night before you sleep, you have to take 20 pieces of brown kishmish, and soak it in 2 glass water and boil it on low flame. The lower the flame the better it will mix with water and help in dissolving and enhancing the properties of kishmish. 

After boiling it for 20 minutes, cover the water along with kishmish and leave it soaked over night. 

In the morning consume the water along with the raisins empty stomach even before you brush your teeth. You have to chew the kishmish well so that the entire part is digested. 

Follow this for three months. Once u see results you can continue this for your life. 

You will feel energetic, have more blood in your body, and removes tiredness from body. 

Plz share this article with friends and family who might need this as it may change their lives. I would love to know how your experiences has been after trying this out so do let me know.

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