Make anti-aging serum at home

Make anti-aging serum at home

An easy to make anti-aging serum at home to apply every night. It shows results within a few weeks itself. It also has great anti tanning properties, removes blemishes, lightens and brightens skin. 

We need the following for our natural Home made anti aging serum 

  • Rose water – Rose water shrinks the pores and also maintains the Ph of the skin. We can use home made as well as store bought rose water. Dabur Gulab Jal is a good easy to find product and easily available all over India at most stores.
Rose water maintains the Ph of skin
  • Gycerin – We can get it in any medical store and is often used to treat mouth ulcers. Gycerin is a natural humectant. A humectant helps in retaining moisture inside our skin for a longer period of time. The skin therefore stays healthy and nourished. The skin also stays hydrated because of the same. 
glycerin is a humectant
  • Vitamin E capsule- 2 pcs. We can get these capsules as Evlon 400 in any medical store. They are easily available and often used in skin care remedies. Vitamin E is a natural anti-aging product which helps in the production of collagen and elastin in our skin. External usage of vitamin E makes the skin look prettier, soft and shiny. 
Vitamin e boosts production of collagen and elastin
  • Aloevera gel- We can use a aloevera plant and take out the gel from a fresh piece or leaf. Aloevera gel has various nutrients, its anti aging as well as moisturizing for the skin.
aloevera nourishes and moisturises skin
  • Any aroma oil- to add fragrance to the whole mixture (optional) 

The Process

The aloevera gel acts as a base in this mixture. Vitamin E is an oil soluble vitamin while glycerine and rose water are water soluble. We need a base to bind these water soluble and oils soluble ingredients together and hence we are using the aloevera gel. It acts as a perfect binder.

Use 2 spoons of aloevera gel and add vitamin E capsule with it first. The aloevera gel will slightly become milky and become less transparent. It’s very important that the vitamin E mixes with the gel properly.

We then add one spoon of glycerin. We should not add extra glycerin because excess of it may cause pimples. 

Once It becomes into a thick gel, we then add 3 spoon of rose water to make the gel more fluid. We mix rose water in the end and make sure the consistency of the serum is neither too thick nor too thin. Add more rose water if required. 

Add a few drops of your aroma oil approximately 6 drops if you want to add any kind of fragrance.

Mix all of these together in a big bowl and store it together in a bigger bottle. This serum can be stored for a long period of time as all of them have natural preservation properties. You can now store the gel and use it every night before u sleep. 


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