Make Glutathione powder at home

Make Glutathione powder at home

Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant. It not only gives us very good skin, but also removes spots, pigmentation, freckles, tanning as well as sunburns. I m going to tell u how to make Glutathione powder at home

We can prepare glutathione powder in our own house. Wwe can use the powder to remove all kinds of skin problems from our body. Regular intake of this powder in our diet removes skin pigmentation. All kind of sunburn will completely disappear from 3 to 6 months and our skin will also start to glow!

glutathione and glow in skin

Glutathione is often found in most of our vegetables and fruits. Pears specially are one of the very strong sources of glutathione. If we remove the skin of a pear from its flesh the skin itself has a lot of glutathione. If we peel off a pear and dry the skin 7% of the quantity of the skin is glutathione. 

Pears are rich sources for glutathione

Pear also has Arbutine along with Glutathione. Arbutine is a natural compound which is often seen in beauty creams and serums. Arbutine also improves the complexion and brings out the glow in our skin.

We have to take pear and cut it into round pieces and dry it in shade. It’s important to dry it in shade so that the properties don’t get damaged because of extra heat and sun exposure.

Put it in a blender and make a powder of the pieces. Then add equal amount of khas khas in the powder. Grind both of them together to make a powder. Khas khas is commonly known as Posta Dana in hindi. Mixing khas khas with powdered pear creates a chemical reaction which highly increases the amount of glutathione into the mixture. Store the mixture in an air tight container and have a spoon daily with your breakfast and one spoon after dinner in the night with milk. 

Mixing Khas Khas with pear Increases the Glutathione density drastically

The texture of the skin will improve, blemishes will reduce and skim will starts to grow. This also helps in increasing memory. This is safe for children above 3 years till any age.

Please try this out, be consistent and tell me what u think! Also please leave your comments below.

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