Meditation is a mind-body complimentary medicine. It can in turn produce a tranquil state of mind and tremendous relaxation.

Meditation eliminates unfastens the stress, tension and worries in a person. At the same time re-institutes the state of calmness as well as inner peace. The concentration, attention and focus of a person expand in an exceptional way when an individual meditates. 

The world is moving faster and to catch its pace is difficult for many. We fall prey to stress, depression, anxiety and so on. Meditating is the best medicine to heal our stress, depression and other issues that trouble the mind. This also helps an individual to increase ones emotional quotient as they become emotionally stable. There is no age limit to meditates. Anyone of any age can try to meditate as it helps all age groups equally.

There are several types of techniques on how to meditate.

Some of them are by breathing , focusing on mantra, walking etc. 

Breathing is one of the most simple and basic form of meditation. Here different types of breathing are carried out. A whole concentration and focus is given to breathing. 

Walking on the other hand is a movement meditation. In the process of movement a conscious effort is taken to feel the nature, the ground beneath and feel the sensations on the skin and so on. 

Meditation vicissitudes a troubled mind to a calm and peace filled one. Doctors recommend meditation to individuals as it induces biochemical physical effect on the body. Moreover it doesn’t have any side effects.

It has been documented to lower blood pressure, lower inflammation and improve sleep. It lowers inflammation by signaling the brain to lower inflammatory cytokines. It is also the best medicine for depression and anxiety. It helps in regulating the mood of an individual. All the more it also helps in improving digestion that is compromised during times of stress. 

There are a number of centers that train people to meditate.

Some of them are Art of Living, Tushita Meditation centre, Vipassana International Academy.

Art of Living Ashram offers courses based on yoga or meditation. They have initiated ‘Happiness’ program, a 10 hour workshop spread over 5 days for the beginners. Tushita Meditation center offers various meditation retreat options varying in duration and intensity. Discipline is one of the key factors for them. Vipassana International Academy enables to feel peace and harmony by removing impurities in mind and by purifying it. 

Apart from these centers there are several apps on meditation. Some of the apps are Art of Living, Lets Meditate, Sleep and Guided meditation, Insight timer, Meditation music etc. These apps can help anyone to access a meditating guide at their home itself. 

So we can infer that meditating can totally improve the physical and mental conditions of a person and make him or her fit and calms the mind. Try any meditate and let me know how as your experience.

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