Simple trick to use aloevera gel on hair without getting messy

Simple trick to use aloevera gel on hair without getting messy

Here is a simple trick to use aloevera gel on hair easily. I always knew aloevera is good for the hair but to apply the gel is so difficult. It is so slimy and to make it into a liquid and apply is very difficult. It used to get so messy that I used to avoid doing it regularly.

One of my best friend finally gave me a very easy and very simple technique to apply aloe vera gel. I now apply this technique to many other face masks as well.

Easy trick to apply aloevera on hair

Its as simple as it can be. I take the gel out from 3-4 thick leaves of aloevera and put it in a mixer grinder to make the gel into a consistent liquid. I then use a bowl and freeze the gel in the size of a soap. Once frozen its very easy to handle and I apply it all over my scalp. The soap takes its time to melt and i keep applying it along side. It does not drip and is also cooling during hot summer seasons. Males it o simple n so easy! 

I leave it on for sometime and the wash my hair with a natural shampoo or just plain water. 

Aloevera gel penetrates the hair follicles and improves the condition of dry and damaged hair. It also improves the skin condition of the scalp. It also reduces itching, increases hair growth and reduces dandruff.

Try it out! 

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