Sudarshan Kriya and Life

Sudarshan Kriya and Life

I was introduced to the art of living course and the Sudarshan Kriya in 2018 September when a friend of mine became a teacher. He had been asking me to do the course for a very long period of time but I kept ignoring him. I finally did one day. I always thought I am perfect the way I am and I did not need anything at all. It was after doing the course that it open up to me how much troubled I was from within.

I always struggled to not accepting the mistake that I had done. I always blamed myself or others for thin not going on well in life. I was not accepting my own life situations and constantly kept fighting within my own mind. The happiness program has taught me so much but one of the main things it teaches you is the Sudarshan Kriya

The Sudarshan Kriya again has taught me numerous things which I cannot even count but if I sit and think about it maybe I can note down a few things that changed inside of me slowly or instantly.

  • It taught me to accept life and situations the way they are and the way they are not it taught me to be patient and I was extremely impatient
  • The Kriya calms my mind, my body and my soul in ways I cannot explain.
  • It makes my mind completely blank it for those few moments (a feeling I had never before experienced in life)
  • The Kriya also calms down all my senses from smell to vision to hearing, almost everything for those few moments.
  • The Kriya taught me to forget everything externally and focus on my own self.
  • Sudarshan Kriya taught me the importance of breath and not to take breath for granted. After all it’s the first action we take after birth and the last action before death.
  • I got more disciplined and learned how to do something consistency to see long term effects.
  • I learned what its is to belong to people, not consider others to be separate from me, but a part of my own self and eventually be comfortable in every environment
  • More than anything what it taught me was self acceptance, accepting my own victories and acceptance of my own mistakes.
    I have made a lot of mistakes in life and Sudarshan Kriya taught me to forgive myself and focus on the present.
    It taught me Life is Now!!
  • It also taught me to take responsibility for our actions and our lives.
    I always depended on happiness on external sources. I realized how in life we are our own responsibility and so is our happiness. Our happiness is always a choice. We can choose to be happy irrespective of our external environment

I can keep going on forever as it is impossible to list it all down in one go. I will keep writing about it as and when it keeps popping in my head.

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