Chinese silk has been considered the best fabric available for over 4,000 years.
Historically, it was a fabric only for royalties and nobles.
According to Chinese legend, silk was discovered in 2640 BC by the third wife of the third emperor of China. While drinking tea under a mulberry tree in the garden, a small cocoon fell from a tree into
her hot tea. She was surprised to see the cocoon begin to unravel, revealing a long delicate thread.

Combining these fibers and its power, she collected thousands of cocoons and wove the fibers into a robe for the emperor.

Initially, he had the privilege of wearing this beautiful dress, but it was soon approved by court members.

Over time, as high-value silk was produced, it began to be used as a currency. China started the silk trade
outside Asia through a network of ancient trade routes known as the Silk Road.

From the 2nd century AD onwards, cultural trade began with several interconnected routes connecting Asia, the Mediterranean, and Europe. The secret of making silk has been with the Chinese for 2500 years.

As this secret was passed down through the generations, the technology of silk production spread east and west. By the 15th century, France and Italy had become the leading European manufacturers of silk products.

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